Sunday, July 08, 2007

Move over, Big Tobacco

You too, Big Pharma.
Because now there's ....


"The Gay Lobby" (proud sponsor of "The Gay Agenda", coming soon to a wedding chapel near you) has moved up, so much so that in the wingnut world it's been elevated to the status of Big Tobacco and Big Pharma. They're calling it:

Following the lead of anti-Big Tobacco and anti-Big Pharma activists, bigots have found a more socially-acceptable name for their sexual neuroses. They're not ignorant mouth-breathing, bile-spewing bigots, they're anti-Big Sodomy activists, and they're hoping that "ex-gays", like militant ex-smokers with Big Tobacco, will help shut Big Sodomy down:

"Note the remarkable parallels with the smoking craze: In both cases, the promoters of the respective dangerous habits had been or are withholding evidence that undoubtedly would have led people not to indulge or to quit. Today, public elementary and secondary schools are doing just that, and in addition, some are teaching, as part of "sex education," methods for carrying out harmful sexual perversions, including "fisting."

Once enough of the victims have seen how they have been duped by the universities, politicians, media, business (deep pockets), Hollywood, politicians and, yes, the gay agenda itself, to throw away their health and life expectancy, they will come out swinging, marching boldly behind their lawyers.

The reverse "coming out" of Michael Glatze is the first major chink in the ramparts of Big Sodomy. More major players will be announcing themselves in time, demonstrating the fallacy of "once gay always gay," the sandy foundation on which the gay agenda is premised."

Someone should break it to these guys that unlike smoking, sodomy is a practice "as old as the human race", as William S. Burroughs once said, and unlikely to end anytime soon. Furthermore, and this will no doubt come as a surprise to anyone who only has semi-monthly sex for the sole purpose of procreation, sodomy isn't unique to gays. Too late, dudes -- Big Sodomy has diversified!!!